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Veterinary physiotherapy aims to relieve your animal’s pain, improve their independence, function and performance. Physiotherapy may be appropriate for your horse, dog or cat to improve their rehabilitation from an injury or for a condition that is affecting their movement, behaviour and function. Sarah Sandford, ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapist, set up Physio-Vision in 2007, based in Brentwood and working locally in Essex providing Veterinary Physiotherapy at different veterinary practices, stable yards and home visits.
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Physio-Vision Facebook link
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Latest news
2017 is Physio-Visions 10th Anniversary! Sarah qualified in Human physiotherapy in 2002 and completed her MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy at the Royal Veterinary College in 2007.

Sarah has been busy on Pilates courses run by APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) with an aim to start rider pilates classes locally too. So watch this space!

Rider assessment
Are you having any problems when riding your horse?, have you had any musculoskeletal injuries that may be impacting you as a rider? Would you like to be assessed, treated and given a specific exercise programme to meet your needs?

Rider clinics
Would you as a rider like to be assessed to improve your riding position and your horses way of going?

Monthly rider clinic are going to be held at the Brentwood Sports Centre, Essex for any rider looking to improve their balance, core stability and overall riding ability ultimately enhancing your horses for day to day riding or for competition

We are fully trained Chartered Physiotherapists specialising in humans and animals. Using our skills we can assess not only your horse but also you as a rider if you wish to address your horse and yourself as one.

Do you know if you ride one sided? Have difficulty on one rein? Do you fix through your arm and have increased rein contact on one rein? If so then a Physiotherapy appointment for yourself may improve your horses way of going, improve your riding ability and address some niggles that you may have yourself.

For more information please email ObscureMyEmail
Congratulations to Katy Cotgrove and her show arab Tarn on getting Reserve Supreme National Champion and gaining a place at the Horse of the Year Show.
Tarn at the Horse of the Year Show
Congratulations to Beth Horobin and superstar Gigolo for their success on getting a team silver at the team dressage FEI European Championships.
Olympics 2012
Sarah was part of the physiotherapy team providing veterinary physiotherapy for the Olympic and Paralympics London 2012. Horses from different countries received physiotherapy pre and post competition.

Read the press release about Sarah's involvement.
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Enquiries please contact:
t: 07795 272286
e: ObscureMyEmail

Physio-Vision Facebook link
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